Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

A fire is one of the most serious disasters known and can spread fast. The remnants left after Smoke and Fire Damage can be dangerous to your health and safety. Big or small, fires impose a safety risk, not only to your health, but to personal property as well. If ever a fire exist, everyone must exit the dwelling promptly and notify emergency services. Never attempt to re-enter a property during a fire, as large amount of smoke and charred building structures will be unbearable and unsafe. As important, due to building structural damage, no one should try to re-enter a property after Smoke and Fire Damage without proper clearance from fire department. 

Smoke and Fire Damage emergencies require specific skills and techniques to assure a safe and effective restoration process. Our skilled and highly knowledgeable team knows the best approach when it comes to the Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration process. Some parts of the home may allow for restoration, while other parts may require Demolition and Reconstruction. In either case, PCRRG is here to help!
We prefer to take care of all your belongings during unprecedented events like these because we value your precious items. Water damagedemolition and reconstructionmold remediationcrime scene cleanup.

We help with Smoke Damage Restoration services including:

PCRRG Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Process

Our company has a unique and specific Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration process which follows:

  • For safety reasons, we assess the degree of Smoke and Fire damage, its impact on building structure, as well as, personal contents.
  • We value your personal content, attempting to salvage as much of your prized possessions as possible.
  • Protecting your property is top priority. Many items and areas are left vulnerable after a fire. We provide our valuable services like board-up and roof-trap.
  • Once safety of property is secured, PCRRG will quickly start removing water left from extinguishing the fire. This water contains toxic residues of fire which can become very dangerous to your skin causing infections.
  • After removal of water, we start drying out surfaces which can include floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • Once proper drying of dwelling, PCRRG will perform thorough cleaning to remove dust, debris, and soot residue from the surface. Finally, the sanitization process begins.
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